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It’s all possible with the expert nutrition advice now revealed in The Runner’s Diet, by renowned board-certified nutritionist Madelyn H. Fernstrom, PhD, CNS. Lose 10, 20, 30 pounds or more with these simple nutrition secrets!
What to Eat and WHEN for Best Results
    For starters, you’ll discover the perfect balance of specific carbs, proteins, and fats for high-energy weight loss. See page 49 for the plan that gives you
    energy when you need it and sustained energy at other times of the day
— without hunger pangs or sacrifice!
Fine-Tune Your Running Routine
    Find out how you can exponentially ramp up your calorie burn every day
(page 74) ... boost your mental and physical stamina (page 97) ...
and enhance weight loss and bone building with an easy strength-training
routine (page 98). Plus, you’ll find an action plan based on your fitness
level to help you meet your goals.
Dietary Supplements — Yes or No?
    Get expert advice on a wide range of supplements — from vitamins and
minerals to sports drinks and protein powders, amino acids to fatty acids.
The handy checklist on page 126 will help you evaluate your specific needs!
PLUS...Motivation to BURN!
Practical Nutrition Tips for Runners and Walkers — from the experts at Runner's World
Easy Pickle Secret Helps REVERSE "Weight Creep"
Mark, a recent college graduate, had trouble losing weight. Even though he ran 3 times a week and lifted twice a week, he still put on weight. Dr. Fernstrom recommended a simple carbohydrate substitute, which easily put his weight gain in reverse! Details, page 108.

Graham Crackers+Doughnut = Sustained Weight Loss
Donna thought she could eat anything because she was a runner. When Dr. Fernstrom showed her how to balance her eating habits, she was able to lose about 15 pounds with very
little effort. And she
could still enjoy her
favorite snacks! See
page 79 for details.

Smart Snacks Solve
Exercise Fatigue

Ian came to Dr. Fernstrom complaining that he would consistently run out of gas during his runs. That's when he discovered how quick-energy foods (see page 53) could quickly solve the problem. This simple change in his eating habits helped make a major change in his life ... and his weight!
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  You'll get a food and exercise log to stay on target ... a sample 7-day meal and snack plan with the right proportion of carbs, fats, and proteins … a motivating progress-tracker tool ... plus inspiring stories of men and women who achieved amazing results! It all starts on page 149. Top Training Tips from a Board-Certified Nutritionist!
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